We are very proud of all the special movie events we participate in and help sponsor here at the community owned, Morris Theatre Cooperative. If you have an idea or want information on how to sponsor a special movie related event, email our manager at

manager AT morristheatre DOT net

Rent the second screen for your party or event.

Our second screen is available for rent to host birthday parties and private events outside of regularly scheduled hours.

The regular price is $125 plus an optional $40 concessions package.

Morris Theatre Cooperative members may rent the second screen for $75 plus an optional $25 concessions package.

Officially recognised student groups from Morris Area High School and University of Minnesota, Morris may rent the theatre at the Morris Theatre Cooperative member rate.

For this fee you may bring your own movie or other entertainment. If you choose to watch a movie we are currently screening there is an additional charge of $3.50 per person.

The optional concessions package includes 15 small popcorn plus up to 15 small drinks or waters.

Please email our manager at:

manager AT morristheatre DOT net

for more details and to book the second screen.

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